Adoptions by VIDA, a not-for-profit international adoption agency, founded in 1986, VIDA places children with families throughout the world. In addition, VIDA serves the needs of children who wait through international development programs. On April 1, 2008, the US joined the Hague Convention and VIDA is recognized as an active participant.

VIDA has a history of international programs that span four continents. Current programs include U.S. domestic,  Russia, Bulgaria, Taiwan (special needs only) , Philippines, Japan, China, Honduras and Armenia (special needs only). For certain programs, for example Ethiopia, we work cooperatively with other agencies. Although Guatemala is closed for adoption, at this time, VIDA continues its development work there through Adopt-Education.

About VIDA

VIDA is a not-for-profit international and domestic adoption agency, founded in 1986. VIDA is HAGUE ACCREDITED for incoming and outgoing adoptions. We place children with families throughout the world. To serve the needs of children who wait or will remain in their home country, VIDA also has international development programs.
VIDA was organized in the early 1980s when a dedicated group of professionals in social work, psychology, psychiatry and education convened to plan a placement agency that would emphasize the child’s needs first. The adoption program is designed to remain current with the changing economic and social situations of children.

VIDA is licensed in New York State and New Jersey and works cooperatively in all 50 states and many foreign countries. VIDA successfully works with Americans living abroad, foreign nationals, and military families throughout the world.

In order to receive more information please complete and return the Background Information Form: 1. for applicants living in the USA (Pdf form), or 2. for US citizens and foreign nationals considering the US infant or aiting children program (Pdf form). These forms can be filled out in Adobe Reader and  emailed to VIDA or printed and fax to (518) 828-0688.

Comprehensive Services

Through comprehensive adoption services, VIDA is dedicated to studying and satisfying the needs of children of all age groups: infants, toddlers and adolescents. Whenever possible we place siblings together and have a unique program for special needs adoption. Our focus is on placing children in families who offer a safe, secure and loving environment to nurture the child’s potential. We accept any child into our placement program provided adoption is clearly best for the child.

VIDA is a full service adoption agency. Our services include pre-adoption counseling, home study assessment, pre-placement, placement, follow up, as well as providing ongoing support services. VIDA works cooperatively with international regulatory organizations, US citizenship and Immigration Services, the National Benefit Center, and the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children within the United States, recognized child welfare agencies abroad and central authorities abroad.

Helping Children

In addition to celebrating the adoption of each child, VIDA strives to address the needs of the many children who will never have a permanent home and a loving family, through Health for Life Programs. The importance of these programs cannot be overstated. We educate and train caregivers, promote intervention programs which offer counseling, sponsorship and promote medical care.

VIDA works with governmental and private child care centers throughout the world who try to meet the needs of children, often with limited resources. VIDA assists by taking a leadership role in obtaining charitable contributions and establishing appropriate programs for the children. Many VIDA families actively participate in this work.

Look at this website for great books for Children about Adoption:

Adoption Information Meetings

Adoption Information Meetings are held in the US and in Europe. For more information contact VIDA's office and indicate in your correspondence the most appropriate meeting place.

VIDA News and Events

News and Events by VIDA encourages participation by our families and especially our adoptees. Special events are highlighted throughout the year. As of 5/1/15 VIDA can now accept credit and debit charges on VISA and MasterCard

Getting Started with VIDA

You undoubtedly have questions about VIDA and how we will address your interest in adoption or volunteer work. Contact us directly by email or phone us at (518) 828-4527. When you are ready to consider adoption please email to VIDA the completed Background Information Form (see above to download).  This is a Pdf document in which you can type your answers, save and email to VIDA.

If you wish to apply for an adoption please fill out the Application Form.  Email to VIDA the completed Application Form.  This is a Pdf document in which you can type your answers, save and email to VIDA.

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